this paradigm is accessed and embodied authentically when we do the work necessary to shed and shift that which chains us to density (a.k.a (s)lower vibrations of perceiving life through lenses of illusory separation) into higher (faster) vibrations (or realities) of creative collaboration and instantaneous manifestations. 

if this feels unattainable then you may have some mental emotional or spiritual trauma blocking your e-motion (energy in motion) that has caused your energy to stagnate and is preventing you from fully showing up in this world with a confidence that is cultivated through knowledge of and acceptance of self. 

when we do the work to accept and gain broader perspective on our stories we feel our hearts open to receive the light and common-unity of our brothers and sisters to shine in on our world. 

we are not alone but in this reality it most definitely feels that way at times.. life is a beautiful paradox.

this reality is perceived in duality by the human senses... but behind the veil of illusion all things dance as one in infinite union. 

life is always changing, transforming, ending and beginning. 

how can we find the light? the laughter? the joy in the in-between moments that are our lives?

creativity and common-unity is true super-abundance. it is multifaceted. it is unbound. it is a free flowing unconditional source of love and support that we all have access to when we release fear and open our hearts to trusting each other rather than basing our new experiences off of past experiences. 

Gaialogue is a dialogue about Gaia {Mother Earth} between children of the earth, all of us. Gaialogue is a place for us to share the highs, lows and in between moments of our humanity. to connect by acknowledging our common threads. to have fun exploring our humanity and our divinity in all the ways it may manifest. 

it is my hope that gaialogue may assist in cultivating the necessary foundation of information and inspiration for the awakening individual to shift into deeper alignment with Source and with our purpose on earth this time.  

the things I share here are puzzle pieces of my awakening. 

food, music, films, art, or written words.. 

I intend to partner with all types of beings to create and share meaningful conversations via blog posts,  youtube videos and podcasts. 

if you have any  topics you'd like discussed/to discuss or questions you'd like answers to, please, send me a message! I will be reading them and selecting 2-4 people per month to join me on the podcast to partake in Gaialogue. 

I am so excited for all that will unfold through this space. 

possibilities are endless. boundaries are nonexistent. creative inspiration is infinite. 

Gaialogue is for everyone. 

so please reach out if you have any ideas on how to co- create, uplift and inspire one another. 

from my heart,

to yours. 


art by

Jake Baddeley