What is it that you seek help with or insight on? How may I serve you? What called you here?

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Back on Track


A 15 minute session is for us to briefly connect and have a chat about your current state, discuss questions you'd like answered in order to get back on track or maybe even just validate your intuition.

Done via Skype audio or video. 


True Self Reflection


A 30 minute session includes my spiritual guidance utilizing my own intuition, as well as my knowledge of numerology and tarot/oracle cards. This time is intended to assist you in gaining some clarity on who you truly are. 

Done via Skype audio or video. 


Alignment with Higher Self


A 60 minute session includes all that the 15 and 30 minute sessions do and gives us more time to share with each other. I am not healing you. I am holding space for you to learn ways to heal your Self by witnessing your true reflection.  

Done via Skype audio or video.